February 18, 2009

Post office is a staple of the community

The Magnolia Park Post Office must be saved (“Post office is being shipped,” Saturday).

This post office is one of the great things about living in Burbank; it works very well and contributes to our quality of life here. The service is efficient and courteous, the postal workers remember clients’ names, the facility is clean, the machines work, and the forms are stocked. This is not true of other regional post offices, and those issues are not improved at the other post offices by simply remodeling.

Most importantly, the Magnolia Park Post Office offers stability and consistency to Magnolia Park and therefore Burbank overall.

The surrounding merchants are correct — losing it will mean less foot traffic, and some businesses will not survive. Every other merchant, homeowner and renter in the area should be concerned about how closing the post office will contribute to eventual blight. By saving this post office, we would be helping to stave off the further decline of our local economy and neighborhoods.


If you care about these issues, fellow readers, please write letters to the Burbank Leader and City Council, please sign the merchant petitions, please buy supplies from this post office, please contact the U.S. Postal Service with your concerns, and please ask the candidates running for City Council about their opinions on this issue. Our community is only as good as we make it.



Time to make Tinseltown green

It is election time, and once again we are getting bombarded by mailers, phone calls and slates sponsored by different groups representing different combinations of candidates.

What I have been noticing is the lack of a solid economical and social platform from our candidates. The messages of candidates are either way too general or way too irrelevant to today’s concerns. No one is taking about the future — and by that, I mean the green future — except one candidate.

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