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Jobless rate on the rise

Numbers mirror trend throughout the nation, officials say. Jobs jump in entertainment industry.

April 22, 2009|By Zain Shauk

Unemployment in December was just 7.7% in Burbank and 8.3% in Glendale, but seasonal and other temporary jobs may cloud those figures, Nakamoto said. Unemployment figures have jumped significantly since then because of cautious consumer spending, he added.

“Part of the problem is there’s kind of a vicious cycle that occurs when people become kind of reluctant to spend when they see people lose their jobs,” he said, later adding, “Just that fear is part of that reason that we see drops in consumer spending, and it’s affecting the employment [rates].”

Job-seekers struggling to find work should try to position themselves for employment in growing fields, like health care, renewable energy or even entertainment, which may start expanding once the SAG dispute is fully resolved, he said.


That approach might include more education or training, something that might be available for free with the help of stimulus funding to places like the Verdugo Job Center, he said.

The center hopes to add training for nurses with the help of the federal stimulus package, which could offer a “jolt” to the overall economy that could change consumer confidence and spending habits, although its possible impacts are still uncertain, he said.

“Really a lot of the actions they’ve taken are unprecedented,” he said of the steps for economic recovery taken by the Obama administration. “The amount of money they’ve injected into the economy and the size of the stimulus — nobody’s really certain the effect that that’s going to have.”

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