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Family Faith:

God is there to love you, in good times and bad


Who would you say loves you most in your life? You may know the answer I am fishing for, the accurate answer: God.

But who on this Earth represents the person who most loves you and supports you? Is it a parent? A spouse? A child? Perhaps it is a friend who is closer than a brother, or possibly an actual sibling. Take a moment to reflect on who that person is. Perchance more than one person is coming to your mind.

This may not be a simple reflection for many of you. For some, a family member may come to mind instantly. For others, this exercise of thought may provoke negative feelings of a parent or someone else whom is troublesome to reflect on.


You may have experienced abuse at the hand of one who is supposed to love you most.

For many, the natural order of love and attachment has been interrupted, making them lonely or confused. Their thought to my question is, “My life is unfair. No one supported me.”

For others, the thought of a family member brings great comfort and the answer to my above question is immediate — “My mom was always there for me!” Or, “I have the greatest husband on Earth!” Still, others have children who adore them, friends who are loyal, and then — there is God.

I was asked by a patient this past week whether people who did not have a good father figure ever mistrusted God because He represented as a male authority figure. I explained to her that some people I have treated have that type of thought.

But others have the belief that it is God, and God alone, who has never let them down. That is where they have received their foundation of what real love is. God has been their support, their hope to go on. Parents have let them down, spouses have let them down, but God has always been there to support them.

One way or another, this is actually a theological truth — God is always there for us. People in our life can and will hurt us.

Worse cases include being abused, abandoned, or deeply hurt. But all damaged relationships cause pain and injury, leaving us lost and perplexed. It is the light of God that brings us hope and healing and can bring normalcy to even the most dysfunctional of relationships.

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