June 06, 2009

Gay marriage doesn’t mean the sky is falling

Mel Wolf’s recent letter to the Burbank Leader (“Proposition 8 doesn’t ‘ban’ anything,” June 3) is an example of the “semantics” game so often used to great effect when trying to justify one group’s dominance over another. As I read his letter, I’m cognizant of his careful choice of words, his statements of supposed “facts,” and his contentions regarding morality, differences between the sexes and the extremely erroneous and tired provocation of marriage between familial members.

Unfortunately, Wolf’s entire argument is destroyed by his last paragraph, the real reason for writing his letter to the editor. It appears Wolf is fearful the definition of marriage will be “dumbed down,” and rendered “meaningless” if same-sex couples are allowed the right to marry.


Currently, six states allow same-sex marriage. The Earth hasn’t cracked in two, and the heavens haven’t come unhinged in those states simply because gays and lesbians have married the person they love.

Wolf’s fear that marriage will become less “special” if same-sex couples are allowed to embrace the venerated institution is just that, a fear. As we have so often seen in the past, people cling to their preconceived ideas, and to their sense of ownership when they are faced with change.

Just as our laws must be adapted to a changing environment, so too must our language. The debate over same-sex marriage won’t go away. It will go on “ad infinitum” until our society does the right thing and extends constitutional rights to all of its citizens.

Gays and lesbians fight for our country, pay taxes, vote, work, and live and die beside heterosexuals. We want our “God-given” rights, our birthrights, and we’re not asking politely any longer. We’re claiming them.



Stigma shouldn’t continue in California

Mel Wolf claims that marriage would be “dumbed down” (“Proposition 8 doesn’t ‘ban’ anything,” June 3) if gay couples are allowed the right of any other citizens who love each other to marry? Sounds like he is saying gay couples are second-class citizens.

I truly want to know how, if gay couples are allowed the right to marry, would it would affect your life? Will Armageddon happen? Will your children become gay?

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