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June 20, 2009

Welcome to Law & Disorder, your weekly installment of the strange, bizarre and occasionally heartbreaking cases found in our local courthouses. Remember: The accused are presumed innocent until proved otherwise, filing a lawsuit does not automatically make the defendant liable, and the person in the black robe is probably a judge.

Fax wars, part I

Robin Long v. Cal Counties Fire Protection Co.

Glendale Superior Court – Limited Jurisdiction

Angry and fed up, a woman sued a fire protection company June 5 for wasting her fax machine’s ink and paper when it sent unauthorized advertisements.


Robin Long claims Cal Counties Fire Protection Co. violated the federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 when they sent her unnecessary and unsolicited advertisements to her fax machine. Long alleges she was never in business with the Upland-based company, which engineers fire protection systems and sells extinguishers and other firefighting equipment.

Within a span of four years, Long received an unidentified amount of faxes, which she claims were sent under “willful and malicious intent.” The company should have asked for her permission to send the faxes, but she alleges that it never did.

Long is seeking damages for the loss of fax machine paper and ink used to print the advertisements, and the use of her fax machine’s electricity and phone line. Under the consumer protection act, Long claims the damages are no greater than $10,000.

Fax wars, part II

Robin Long v. Innercalm Associates

Glendale Superior Court – Limited Jurisdiction

Robin Long has no love for unsolicited faxes.

She also got bent out of shape over unauthorized fax messages sent by Innercalm Associates, a company that provides postgraduate seminars on chiropractic skills.

She sued the teaching company for the same reasons she filed a claim against the fire protection company — wasting her ink and paper, and using her phone line.

Food carts gone wild

Larry Guzman v. Providence St. Joseph’s Medical Center

Burbank Superior Court – General Jurisdiction

Larry Guzman was walking in an underground tunnel at Providence St. Joseph’s Medical Center on Sept. 19, 2007, when he claims an out-of-control food cart came flying at him, crushing him against a wall. The wayward food cart pinned him to the wall, allegedly causing him “great bodily injury.”

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