MAILBAG: News crew doesn’t deserve charges

August 24, 2009

It seemed unbelievable when I saw the charges against “Live Car Shows” producer Kevin Muldoon and his business partner Steve Schuneman (“Permit violation is first to court,” July 15).

I have known Muldoon only for several months because he came out of the blue to my defense against city oppression. To say I was surprised by the charges against Muldoon is an understatement.

It shocked me that it might be in retaliation for exposing via videotape the city’s miscarriage of justice against myself. In the past four months I have come to find out we share an interest in old cars. He shared his website “Live Car Shows” with me, and I was glued to my computer a week ago watching his outstanding live coverage of cruising on Van Nuys Boulevard.


With Muldoon’s welcome presence in the local car community, it was a shock that the city was using this avenue to go after him and Schuneman. What has the media capital of the world come to when they can’t tell the difference from a news crew — a cameraman and reporter — to a standard film shoot that includes actors, directors, writers and a full crew?

It is embarrassing that police were so poorly trained that night as not to have recognized the difference between a news crew and a film crew and stopped “Live Car Shows” from reporting the news, like they have, with the equipment they have, all over the Southland, including Be-Bopping in the Park here in Burbank.

For the last three years he’s been a total asset to the community, bringing news to all of us who can’t make it to all the car shows out there. I can only image how many charities and events get attention from his unscrupulous dedication to his live news all out of his own pocket.



Pull over if you need to make a call or text

More than six months ago a new law that banned texting and talking while driving became effective. The texting ban took effect Jan. 1 and forbids drivers from writing, sending or reading text messages, because it causes accidents.

Cell phones are very important and helpful devices, but we need to know when and where to use them. It is definitely wrong to use them while driving because it causes attention problems. They reduce reaction time in terms of braking, which causes accidents. Sometimes they cannot follow street lanes and hit innocent people on the sidewalk.

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