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Blending dance styles

New company will host workshops locally that blend a variety of styles into ballet.

September 16, 2009|By Joyce Rudolph

She believes the Latin aspect will attract a larger audience than classical ballet.

“When you think of classical ballet, it’s traditionally had a limited audience,” she said. “So through our workshops as we emphasize the Latin influences, we can hopefully reach a wider audience of young dancers from different backgrounds.”

A lot of the students at Karavan Dance Studio are excited about the workshop, said Karine Kalousdian, director of marketing and public relations.


“It should be an exciting change for the dancers because she’s going to expose these young dancers to different styles,” she said.

Cordova also wants young dancers to know that dance is another way to express oneself without words.

The first dance Cordova and Guzman choreographed together was based on Cordova’s experience dealing with her father’s death.

In “Letting Go,” Guzman dances the part of Cordova’s sister, who held in her emotions, while Cordova had problems dealing with it, she said.

“Performing is another way of my own therapy,” Cordova said.

“I don’t like to talk. I don’t ask for help. When he died, I hid from everybody until given an opportunity to perform the way I felt.”

They will perform the piece at the National Brain Tumor Society Walk, which starts at 8 a.m. Oct. 17 at Central Park in Huntington Beach.

The company officials are exploring writing grants to raise funds for future events, Cordova said.

“I want to invite other artists from other genres like Indian, Mexican folk and Russian folk dancing,” she said.

“I’m looking for a venue to bring all these influences together with our company’s to perform here in Burbank.”

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