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Gallery welcomes women of 'Wings'

October 02, 2009|By DAVID LAURELL

A decade has passed since local artist Susan “Suki” Kass Susan “Suki” Kass founded Inseparable Wings, a group of women artisans from the greater Los Angeles area who have collaborated on numerous projects and exhibitions such as “Voices,” a recent visual exploration of the loving and often complicated relationship between mothers and daughters.

As a follow-up, the consortium has again collaborated for “Juxtaposed — Unexpected Combinations” at the Burbank Creative Arts Center Gallery. Kass, Carole Gillin, Sylvia Hamilton Goulden and Ellen Lane of Inseparable Wings were joined by guest artists Lee Goldberg, Andrea Raft and Mara Thompson Friday evening for the show’s opening reception.

Presented with a heavy emphasis on communication, the show combines each artist’s visual work accompanied by their written thoughts. The exhibit also includes a group project that explores the nuanced techniques of each artist’s individual voice while revealing how the women work in harmony to create a combined form of expression.


The daughter of artists, Kass began painting in the 1980s after retiring from a sales and marketing career. Gillin, whose creations range from stylized realism to abstract, has become known for her simple and clean use of bright, bold and nonrepresentational colors.

Goulden’s work, filled with bold colors and kinetic energy, has been described as having a joie de vivre that reflects her dance background. Lane has said she developed her sense of composition and use of color and light through her work as a professional photographer and multimedia producer. Her paintings are currently featured on NBC’s “Starting Over” and were regularly showcased on the HBO show “Six Feet Under.”

Of the three guest artists, Goldberg is self-taught in mixed-media collage, mask making, surface design on fabric and paper, jewelry creation and sculpture. Raft has said she is most responsive to the deceptive simplicity of the natural world, finding in its complex textures and earthy hues the mood for her own canvases. Her work reveals her preference for the abstract, choosing to evoke an impression or feeling with representational images. Thompson combines sewing, collage, metal leaf, drawing, acrylic and oil in her creations.

Among those who enjoyed Friday’s opening for the show that will run through Sept. 24 were Andre Khachtourians, Maria Ubago, Jerry and Georgia Brommer, Mike Lane, Les Blum, Carol Pullman, Steve and Judy Comroe, and Martha Stevens. Others in attendance included Karla Richards, George Shea, Arlene Familian, Marilyn Landau, Launa Romoff, Gerry and Norma Klein, Clover Butte, Edie Smith, and Karma and Jack Vieira.

For gallery hours and additional information call (818) 238-5397.

 DAVID LAURELL can be contacted at or (818) 563-1007.

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