Protesters rally against Obama

Group says the media is doing a poor job of covering the president and what demonstrators call his socialist agenda.

October 21, 2009|By Christopher Cadelago

MEDIA DISTRICT — The national media is rife with hacks who endorse President Obama’s socialist agenda by committing sins of omission and co-mission, a large group of protesters said this weekend outside NBC Studios in Burbank.

Each with their own issue, though most fell under the umbrella of massive government spending, “Can You Hear Us Now” demonstrators also stood their ground Saturday outside CNN in Atlanta and affiliate stations of NBC, ABC and CBS across the nation.

The 145 local protesters criticized what they view as unscrupulous cheerleading of the Obama administration. There were teabaggers, birthers, men with signs depicting Obama as Hitler and women with signs denouncing “illegals.”


Demonstrators of varying ages waved posters that read “From a peacock to a turkey. Pathetic Journalism,” “Rush [Limbaugh], please buy NBC,” and “I can report the news better than NBC, CBS, MSNBC, ABC, CNN put together, and I am only 10 years old.”

Bubba Stewart, a Houston transplant who lives in Burbank, objected to myriad policies he had sketched out on a large placard. Among the stories he believes newspapers and television stations, save Fox News, have blown were: the Assn. of Community Organizations for Reform Now, better known as ACORN, which was exposed in a series of undercover videos by members of what Stewart called “the non-mainstream media.”

“What about health care?” he asked. “By the time I’m moved over to Medicare there’ll be nothing left at the rate [Obama] plans to pull money out.”

Stewart also wondered aloud why “Obama could give [George] Soros billions in Brazil?”

“We’re not radicals, but they’re showing us that way,” Stewart said. “We’re peaceful, not crazy. No one is yelling.”

Other signs played on the NBC call letters and included: “National Barack Cheerleaders,” “No Barack Criticism” and “Nothing But Censorship.”

Two men on megaphones turned toward the building and implored the news media to “wake up before you’re swallowed alive by a wave of truth.”

Organized almost entirely on the Internet, local protesters argued that the “National Socialist Liberal Media” knowingly refused to cover the outpouring of American spirit at a Sept. 12 march on the U.S. Capitol. Stories that appeared about the protest, which also highlighted conservative disdain for the president’s health-care plan, “grossly misrepresented and misreported the number of protesters,” Jerry Ehrlich said.

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