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Renewed expectations

Providence expected to just compete this season, but now the team is winning and is eyeing a league title in boys’ fall soccer

October 21, 2009|By Jeff Tully

The Pioneers have been able to enjoy success this season despite not having a campus field to practice on. The squad has played at various fields, utilization small spaces to get in their workouts. The group even practiced at Johnny Carson Park adjacent to the school. However, the park has no goals.

Providence Athletic Director Andrew Bencze said despite the early nomadic practice schedule, the team has now settled on a permanent home.

“We decided it was best to just stay at Johnny Carson Park,” Bencze said. “And I’ve even told Kordo that we’ll get them some goals to be able to use.”


What is even more amazing about the team’s success is that its four wins have come without the services of its top player. Providence’s captain, senior Buzand Oganesian, was injured in the team’s second match and has been sidelined.

According to Doski, Oganesian is far from the only talent that his team possesses. One of the team’s key athletes is junior sweeper Kris Galvaz, who has impressed the coach this season.

“He is just a very talented player,” Doski said of Galvaz. “He plays at such a high level and he has some skills that you just can’t teach. His footwork and his cover speed are just unbelievable.”

Other impact players include Steven Cardenas and Sarkis Shaginian.

The fall soccer league seems like a perfect fit for Providence, a small Catholic school of less than 600 students.

The sport — unlike the usual boys’ soccer season in the winter — includes other small schools that don’t field football teams.

Bencze said the fall program gives small schools the opportunity to compete in a sport that they might not be able to filed teams for in the winter.

“I know it’s great for us,” Bencze said. “For this soccer, schools like us don’t have to compete with a football program for players. We have had basketball players come out for the team because it doesn’t compete with their season.”

With just three division games remaining, Providence has already secured a place in the postseason. The first round of the playoffs are set to begin Nov. 6.

Until then, Doski said his team’s focus is to win a league championship. That is something he admits he wouldn’t have dreamed of at the beginning of the season.

“This has been really great,” he said. “We are looking to build this program and get this team established. To win a [league] title would be a great start. And you know something; we think we can do that.”

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