MAILBAG: An endless list of rude behavior

October 27, 2009

ABC Channel 7 is promoting a current feature asking viewers to send in items that irritate them, and they will try to find out the causes and solutions.

Let me say, they do not have the budget to cover the things that irritate me about present-day conditions. First, the losers who wear their belts below their butts — look into that disgusting trend. Second, morons who wear their baseball caps backward. Third, the other day I was waiting in a line to get a pizza at Costco and looked up and down the line on both sides and every single person except myself was either texting or on a cell phone — and I will bet you my next residual check that not one of them had anything valid or essential to text or talk about.

And let’s not get into texting while driving a car — we have seen time and time again where that stupid habit leads. Fourth, the no-shaving trend — when in God’s name are you ladies going to finally put your foot down about that?


To my fellow entertainment brothers, when are you going to stop walking the red carpet for most award shows, looking like you just jumped off the boxcar from Modesto? Is that supposed to be rebellion? Rude behavior at sporting events is also a big boar. I realize that many people now have the dollar means to purchase a seat or two, but that does not mean they own the stadium; people sitting around you have also paid for their seats.

My neighbors who continually wash their cars when they know full well we have water problems in this city — I could go on and on, the list is endless. No, ABC7 does not have the time or the money to look into all the bad and rude behavior that surrounds us, but I applaud their attempt to try. So let’s see where this will lead them, or if it will help start us back on the road to civil behavior.



Can’t afford to lose Outreach Center

On July 1, I retired from the Burbank Unified School District. A civic leader asked me, “Before you leave, do you have one piece of advice for us?” I do. It’s simple. Continue the Outreach Center.

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