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Mailbag: Curfew critic isn’t qualified to judge

November 18, 2009

John F. Cabrera (“Don’t like noise? Then move,” Nov. 13) is a prime example of an attitude the British call “I’m all right, Jack.” Living in Glendale, well out of the flight paths, he has the nerve to tell those of us stuck in the flight path to simply move.

Twenty-one years ago when we bought our home adjacent to the WB Ranch, and several miles from the airport, we checked for sound. We were concerned about the proximity to the freeway. We sat in our car all day listening. We heard nothing on the road or in the air, and promptly went into escrow.

For years, the only time we heard a plane was when there was a strong wind and they had to land and take off from a different direction.


Five or six years ago that changed, and we began hearing the 7 a.m. takeoffs and flights throughout the day. I called the airport and spoke to a spokesman who assured me that no flight paths had changed because airspace is so regulated, etc. etc. I didn’t for a second believe him.

Our argument is very simple: When we bought the house we never heard planes, and now we do. Maybe we’re not deafened, and we’re certainly not near enough the airport to qualify for soundproofing, but it is an annoyance and likely to make it harder to find a buyer if we ever sell.

And now Cabrera and his “you knew you were by an airport” wants more flights and later flights for his own personal convenience.

If anyone should move, it’s Cabrera. He needs to move to my block for a couple of years and then move closer to the airport for a couple of more years. Then he can have an opinion.



Skepticism over claims about police

I’ve been talking to some friends and neighbors about the potential charges against the Burbank Police Department in regard to roughness and neglect in handling people correctly, and most of them, including myself, find it hard to believe (“FBI probes claims of excessive police force,” Oct. 3).

Of course most of us don’t get serious infractions or tickets. But still, it seems a little hard to believe. Most of the officers I’ve talked to are respectful and understand your rights. I still find it hard to believe, and I’ve been living in the media district since 1959.

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