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Mailbag: Curfew critic isn’t qualified to judge

November 18, 2009

Are these charges a figment of somebody’s imagination? Are they blown out of proportion? I’m not talking about the lawsuits being brought against the department by fellow police officers, I’m talking about their relationship with citizens. I can’t believe it.

I feel like bringing a lawsuit against these authorities bringing the accusations. If they are exaggerating, or are wrong, they should be punished. Let’s get to the bottom of this real quick.



Take the time to assess situation

The problems the Burbank Police Department is having don’t surprise me in the least (“Police chief called out,” Nov. 4). Like any large organization, evil is going to infiltrate good, and there is no getting around it.


Most police can respond to a call, size up the situation and respond accordingly. The ones who as soon as they put on the uniform think that it makes them lord and master overall are the problem ones. Thankfully they are in the minority.

When my three kids were attending Burroughs High in the 1970s and ’80s, they had a party at my residence, which probably like most teenage parties, got a little loud. Some kids, as kids will do, sneaked beer into the festivities, unbeknownst to the adults present.

The police were called and swooped down on us like a narcotics raid. We were unlucky to get the few bad apples who had no clue as to how to size up the situation, only knowing how to impose their will on a bunch of kids.

Maybe some communication skills training would have helped.

To all the “good” Burbank police officers out there, we love and respect you. To all the others (you know who you are), take a hike!



Become a holiday basket donor

For 76 years, Burbank Coordinating Council has been helping Burbank families in need. This year we need more community support than ever before as we prepare for the annual Holiday Basket Program, which continues to be run completely by volunteers.

The program matches up needy families in our community with individuals, families and organizations that are willing to adopt families by providing them with food for a holiday meal and gifts for their children.

Each year, through our partnership with organizations and members of the community, we supply holiday baskets to more than 500 families whose children are on the free- or reduced-cost-lunch programs in our schools. For many, this is the only holiday the family will have.

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