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In Theory:

End of the world as we know it?

November 28, 2009

While I’m pretty certain that most people who watched “2012” were simply entertained by the spectacle and didn’t take the movie seriously, there are unfortunately some who have been adversely affected by the talk of a cataclysm. Over the past few months, people have approached me in the grocery checkout line, in the doctor’s waiting room, and many other places to inquire sincerely and with great concern about the destruction of our planet. This is a counter-productive result of all the apocalyptic talk, which has left some people unnecessarily frightened.

In my opinion, religious leaders should soundly dispel these “end of the world” theories and reassure their congregants that there is nothing to fear. We should all encourage people to live and enjoy life to its fullest, to be charitable and do good deeds. So long as we continue to follow our best instincts toward love and kindness, our future will remain bright and secure through 2012 and beyond.



Chabad of Glendale and the Foothills


The Mayan culture, as many of the other ancient cultures, shared their spiritual beliefs through symbols and stories.

I think to take their calendar end date of Dec. 21, 2012, literally, is just looking at the tip of an iceberg. The real message is hidden underneath the literal interpretation.

Consider the Mayan calendar functioning very much like the odometer of your car. When the odometer reaches the end of a numerical series, it rolls over and begins again at zero.

Think of the Mayan calendar representing a cycle of growth or understanding, in consciousness. Instead of a literal “end of time,” it means that the human race will evolve in a much higher vibration, ready to begin a new cycle of life expression. I am looking forward to the higher expression of love, compassion, healing and creativity that is in humanity’s future.

I have seen the movie “2012” and enjoyed the special effects, the acting and the theme of hope throughout the story. But, it’s “entertainment.” I didn’t leave the theater fearing the future date of Dec 21, 2012, because I don’t literally interpret the story.

Unity’s definition of God or Divine Mind is that God is omnipresence — everywhere present, equally at all times; God is omniscience — all knowing (all science); and God is omnipotent — all power. God does not end with a certain culture’s calendar date. Dec. 21, 2012, will come and go from our experience; but, God will still be there.

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