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In Theory: Biggest memories of the 2000s

January 02, 2010

Jesus told us to create disciples. My children would sit in their baby seats and watch as I practiced for services, had worship practice, would be around other members of my congregation as they visited our home, sat in the front pew when I preached or did a baptism, came to weddings I performed, and family funerals as they got older.

They would take meals to people’s homes with me and pray when people were in need, sit in the room as I wrote worship music on the piano, and began to write their own at a young age.

My oldest daughter sat through seminary classes at Fuller with me after getting an ice cream in the cafeteria — she loved it. We had fun doing these things together; it has became who we are simply because it was modeled. Mom was always close for hugs and encouragement, and it just became an element of our lives.


Today, my 10-year-old and I did a 45-minute devotional together — initiated by her. We picked a scripture to memorize, read and then study. We each got a sticker once we mastered it. We prayed together, and I thanked God for the blessing of my children seeking me out to learn even more about God. I truly attribute it to modeling, as Deuteronomy 4:9 tells parents to do.


La Vie Counseling Center in Pasadena

For me, the most significant thing that happened was the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks in 2001. We are still feeling the effects of that attack, whether we’re flying on an airplane or staying at home. That attack — as well as the attempted terrorist attack Christmas Day — has brought home the reality that there is a segment out there which really doesn’t like America or Americans very much. That segment consists of radical Muslims, a small percentage of Muslims worldwide. But that small percentage has made so many of us suspicious of all all Muslims, and that suspicion is a tragedy in itself.

I am reminded of what it must have felt like for so many Japanese Americans after the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941; most were patriotic Americans, but we as a country were suspicious of anybody who might be a Japanese sympathizer. It has to be tough to be a patriotic American Muslim these days.

As for what I recommend for prosperity in 2010, I haven’t a clue! I am not an economist nor a financial wizard. If I were, do you think I’d be a preacher?

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