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In Theory: Biggest memories of the 2000s

January 02, 2010

Not only was the terrorist attack the most shocking thing to witness as it unfolded on every television channel, but I had just awakened from a brief nap after playing Lamaze coach all night for my wife giving birth to our baby girl. What an emotional roller coaster!

The big news of the day was a horrible tragedy for America, and yet here was this small blessing about to enter into the world — which I imagine was repeating for many other families all over the globe.

Every year since, when we light the candles and sing “Happy Birthday,” we are immediately struck by the fact that it’s also a parallel anniversary of death and destruction. An almost prophetic coincidence was the fact that our daughter’s first and middle names, while pleasant to hear, roughly translate to Bitter and Fire.


If I can take away anything from this circumstance of polar opposites, it would be the recognition that in this world, where darkness lurks and evil plots, flowers continue to bloom and love still makes its sporadic appearance. Just over the past Christmas Day we saw this truth present itself again, as a terrorist Abdulmutallab attempted to blow up a plane full of innocent people on American soil, while most Americans were celebrating the birth of Christ. And Christ came because of such things.

It’s because our world is fallen and sinful that God came to reconcile us to himself.

Most of us are not nearly as evil as a mass murderer, but in every heart there exists that which separates us from God, and only God can do anything about it. In Christ alone has this been accomplished for anyone who would just believe. As for the new decade, the Bible says that God is the one who gives you power to be successful (Deuteronomy 8:18 NLT) and if prosperity is in his hands, it behooves us all to put our lives there as well.


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