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January 02, 2010

7. For Council members Anja Reinke and Dave Golonski, I give you a year’s supply of ink to refill your rubber stamps.

8. For the Police Commission, I give you what you deserved, John Brady, and I gift to you the power you desire.

9. For the Civil Service Commission, I give you the left, to go with the right you have to deny peace officer promotions without government interference.


10. For the entire city of Burbank, I give you lots of hope for the future and continued civic pride.




Pasadena must join battle against smoking

On a recent trip with friends to Pasadena, I stood in line to see a film at the Paseo when suddenly another waiting patron, oblivious or possibly indifferent to the preferences of his neighbors, decided to light a cigarette.

The resulting effects upon the larger segment of the crowd, discomfited at the notion of inhaling poisoned vapor, were immediate, though expressed by most in silent looks of discontent.

With gentle words and solid argument, I pleaded for the discontinuation of his habit at that time and place.

His response was haughty spite, belligerence and threats.

When will Pasadena rise to join the vanguard of progress manifested by courageous acts of Burbank and Glendale, which, in their measures implemented in the past two years, have not only acknowledged the irrefutable detriment and danger of cigarette smoke, but secured a safer environment for its citizens and visitors?

What prevents a city government from approving ordinances that have shown to fly the colors of irrefutable benefit where ever they’re approved?

Is its purpose not predicated on the comfort, safety and security of its community? Do they not exist to act in the best interest of their citizens?

I understand the fear from negative business implications.

This concern has proven unnecessary in every city that has implemented smoking restrictions.

With this open letter, I extend my invitation to the Pasadena mayor and the members of the City Council to respond to this concern of great significance to every breathing human being in your city.



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