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Mailbag: Analyzing the merits of Taser use

February 03, 2010

That’s roughly double the size of our state’s total budget. Just imagine what this legislation will do to our state’s budget and private sector jobs if this bill passes?

And do you remember how many well paying jobs we had? Even with the real estate market downturn in the early ’90s, our state was in pretty good shape.

Leadership that isn’t afraid to take chances, willing to stay the course. Leadership that will work as a team to provide solutions to the problems we all face, not politics that will put our state back on the right track.




Run-in with reader causes indigestion

Last Saturday, as I was enjoying breakfast at a local restaurant, a person I know approached my table with a Leader in hand and said, “Tal, your safety sign suggestion will cause massive layoffs involving police, paramedics, tow truck drivers, insurance employees and city traffic engineers.” (“Dr. Burbank would have wanted safer area,” Jan. 23).

The only immediate thoughts I had were, how could I rid myself of my newly acquired indigestion?



Nothing wrong with healthy competition

You’re dead wrong on the Jan. 30 editorial “Blocking gym was the right move.”

You’ve essentially condoned taking away jobs and blaming it on a false problem, parking spaces and traffic. Why didn’t the City Council use that same logic before it approved the Costco construction? Are you aware the Costco parking lot fills up on weekends and creates a traffic nightmare?

By approving Costco and rejecting 24 Hour Fitness and a slew of other businesses — everything from Whole Foods to California Chicken Cafe — the council has proven once again it operates without any consistency of thought and action.

Wake up Burbank! We have empty office buildings sitting around the city, streets full of boarded-up stores with “For Lease” signs, and high-paying entertainment jobs going away due to runaway film production.

We’re in a Great Recession, and unemployment is higher here than in the Silicon Valley. Poor souls are losing their homes, and people are living in cars. You’re encouraging businesses to leave. Shame on you for taking such a narrow-minded view.

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