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The active voice

Actor has the knack for applying just enough twist to his screwdriver role on show ‘Handy Manny.’

February 06, 2010|By Joyce Rudolph

“The school I was going to was producing the musical ‘Oliver,’” he said. “I auditioned, I’d never done a play before, and they gave me the role of Oliver.”

He’s done a show almost every year since, if not on a stage, then in a theme park or other venues.

“I have always performed because I liked doing it so much,” he said.

His penchant for monster movies helps when he’s doing voices for films, TV or interactive games with animals, aliens or monsters, he said.


Baker provides the voices for an entire troop of clones on Cartoon Network’s “Star Wars: The Clone Wars.”

“That’s a terrific show,” he said. “I’m very proud of that show, too.”

Being a voice actor allows him to play many characters, as opposed to doing on-camera work, he said.

“If you get on a show that’s a big hit, that might be the last show you ever do, or at least the only show you’ll do while it’s up and running,” he said.

“Off camera as a voice actor, I can do something for Disney or monsters for a game for teenagers. It offers great flexibility.”

But the trade-off is anonymity, which isn’t a bad thing, he added.

“Anonymity is a valuable asset of the career; you can go buy a rutabaga and not be mobbed at the grocery store,” he said.

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