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Small Wonders:

Olympics for 8-year-olds

February 20, 2010|By Patrick Caneday

There are the elite athletes who worked their whole lives for this moment, with teams of trainers and sponsors to support them. And there are the others who’ll go home to a modest hero’s welcome, then get back to work at the mill. They are equalized at the Olympics, though. Not in physicality, but in humanity.

They represent us all.

And we cheer for them all.

The Olympics show us what we’re capable of. And I’m not talking about great feats of athleticism. The Olympics show us that we can all get along, rooting for our countrymen and women as well as those around the world. We can appreciate each other, and together partake of that mysterious, invisible, indefinable thing that unites us.

But “Battle of the Adolescent Network Stars” isn’t such a bad idea . . . Hello, Nick? Disney?

Get in touch PATRICK CANEDAY wrote this without looking at the cheat notes written on his hand. He may be reached at and patrickcaneday@

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