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Financial aid might get simpler

School officials looking forward to a new system that’s easier for students to understand.

April 05, 2010|By Max Zimbert

Glendale Community College disbursed more than $25 million in federal and state financial aid to about 9,000 students this year, Hurley said. More than 15,000 students of the college’s roughly 16,700 students are eligible for some type of financial aid.

About 5,000 Glendale Community College students will see increases to their Pell Grant allocations because of the legislation.

The grants will expand from $5,350 to a maximum $5,550 next year and about $6,000 by 2017.

At $26 per unit, the full-time student course load can add up to at least $312, excluding the cost of books and other expenses.

While officials and students acknowledged that the Pell Grant raises weren’t much, Glendale Community College student trustee Lilya Avagyan said every dollar counts.


“In today’s economy, students are struggling,” she said.

“If students have more opportunities to get funding and get an education, that’s perfect.”

With banks and lending agencies out of the picture, financial aid workshops at Glendale Community College will have to be reworked.

Banks and aid companies typically led those sessions, but those services are unavailable now.

Hurley said college staff will now lead the workshops. Because Glendale Community College is a low-cost institution, 3% of students are on loans.

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