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Vacancies filling up

City officials hope the moves signal a brighter 2010 than 2009.

April 28, 2010|By Christopher Cadelago

Be-boppin’ in the Park drew about 15,000 visitors alone. And five new businesses joined the district.

“It’s been successful because of the input from the city,” said Alan Arzoian, owner of Handy Market.

“And the [partnership] has shown where the businesses are just as interested.”

Parking improvements to Magnolia Park to the tune of $67,500 represented 27% of the total district budget.

Arzoian, a member of the partnership’s board of directors, said he recently acquired two storefronts on Magnolia Boulevard that range in size from 700 to 850 square feet, and placed a “for rent” sign in the windows.


“I literally had to take the signs off after two days because the phone wouldn’t stop ringing,” he said. “Twenty people wanted to rent that place.”

He sat down with prospective tenants and informed them about tough parking conditions.

“They said, ‘We know, but we want to be here,’” Arzoian said.

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