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Mailbag: It’s all just about political careers

May 08, 2010

Reducing the traffic flow on Verdugo was the baby of the Burbank City Council, especially now-Mayor Anja Reinke (“Several problems with Burbank roads,” April 10).

“Sustainability” is the goal. I think that means “I love Al Gore!” And it probably elicits money from the federal government, like the money wasted on trees and benches on Burbank Boulevard while the economy is crashing around us.

The Planning Board only notified the residents who live on Verdugo Avenue when they had their “public interest” meeting. The rest of us would just have muddied the issue.


They played to the funeral directors who can’t drive more than 25 mph even at the busiest times of day, and some who want trees down the middle of Verdugo. It’s a city street! For vehicular traffic!

I never see any bicycles except on sidewalks, when I’m walking. But without any studies proving a need, we are stuck with bike paths that are supposed to encourage all of us to take our bikes to the Metrolink station because we all obviously work close to the tracks and love riding our bikes home after a full day’s work.

It’s just like Washington. It’s not about what we need, but about furthering their political careers.



Where was his work for the city?

From Gary Bric’s letter in the Leader (“Mayor Bric looks forward to this year,” April 28), it doesn’t seem to me that he’s done much at all as mayor.

He rattled off all the “important” meetings he attended, all the special events and celebrations he attended, but nothing concerning the running of the city. He talks about the lunch he and the vice mayor attended in South Korea for a special sister-city conference. Are we really sister-cities with South Korea?

What exactly has this relationship provided to the city of Burbank?

Bric continues on about a couple more dedications of statues and naming ceremonies for parks, but again, nothing about what he has accomplished for the citizens of Burbank.

Let’s hear about his work for the citizens of this city instead of all the field trips he has been enjoying.


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