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Son will not get jail time

Burbank man pleads no contest to battery in death of his father.

May 29, 2010|By Christopher Cadelago

The two got into a pushing match, and Noah Loock responded to his father's punches by throwing the final blow, according to the testimony.

He was taken into custody, booked on suspicion of murder and spent three days in jail. He would later spend another day in jail following his second arrest.

The Los Angeles County district attorney's office filed charges after the Los Angeles County coroner ruled the cause of death as blunt force trauma to the head and neck. An expert analysis prepared for the defense concluded that the findings were "incomplete and fatally flawed."


Kathy Loock sought to clarify that as an attorney, she believes in the judicial system, and I "trusted the district attorney's office and Russell Moore did what they thought was right."

Timothy Loock, an all-league wide receiver for the class of 1978 at Burbank High School, went on to coach receivers and defensive backs. He worked in the entertainment industry as a post-production editor for nearly 30 years, most recently at Technicolor Creative Services in Hollywood.

Noah Loock, a 2008 graduate of Burroughs High School, recently completed his first year on a scholarship at the San Francisco Art Institute. Described as a talented artist, the family gathered around Noah Loock, unwilling to lose another one of its members over what many perceived to be a tragic accident.

The legal process has been excruciating for all involved, family members said. Timothy's brothers, Joel and Paul Loock, described a deeply religious family.

"Noah is my godson, and he's my brother Paul's godson, and we always protect our own," Joel Loock said. "We were brought up in a very close environment, and we always stand by each other, especially during tragic events.

"We're not happy with the decision. What we're happy about is at least this can come to an end."

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