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Mailbag: Changes to bus service unwelcome

June 09, 2010

The Burbank Bus announced on their Web page that they are making "service enhancements" starting July 7.

Not sure who this is an enhancement for, but it won't be for the majority of riders!

The majority of riders for the Burbank Bus are Metrolink commuters, who need to get to the various businesses around Burbank, few of which are close to the Metrolink stations.

The old schedule closely followed the Metrolink schedule, and allowed people to get to and from work in a reasonable period of time. The "enhanced schedule" leaves Metrolink riders waiting for an additional 10 to 20 minutes each way.


In fact, the first Metrolink train arrives at the Burbank station at 5:29 a.m., and the first Burbank Bus does not leave until 6 a.m.

Who exactly is this new enhanced schedule supposed to benefit? Apparently not the people who ride it.

Many commuters have dropped Metrolink because of rising prices and poor service.

Now, after five years of riding the Metrolink and Burbank Bus, you are giving my friends and I another reason to get back in our cars and on the crowded freeways, burning more gas and increasing pollution.

Thanks for nothing, city of Burbank!


Santa Clarita

People in need aren't to be ignored

I remember moving to Burbank in 1993. I was a motion picture professional, 30-something, moving in because the housing market had taken a dive.

When my drag queen neighbor across the street came over to help me unload 60-pound bags of cement with his long flowing hair, false eyelashes and fake purple fingernails still intact, I remember thinking, "Wow — suburbia with a kick!"

You see, I spent 20 years in New York City — it made me very comfortable.

I moved away, and moved right back after adopting two children and going through a divorce. Wasn't happy that the $178,000 homes had jumped to $240,000, but where in L.A. would you get the school system?

Now, on the way to work, it takes me 20 minutes to get from Magnolia to Barham Boulevard via Hollywood Way — we've all watched the changes in traffic, housing costs, different neighbors, but what happened to our hearts?

We currently have homeless people in our neighborhood. What are we doing about it?

There's the lady who lives in her car in the Albertsons parking lot, the guy who moves from bus stop to bus stop in the same area, and the guy in the wheelchair with his dog, "Scooby," who has found a home in front of CVS Pharmacy.

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