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Friendly competition

Players show their skills, and have fun, at annual Ponytail Softball Jamboree.

June 30, 2010|By Jeff Tully,

OLIVE PARK—For months, players from the Burbank Park, Recreation and Community Services Department Ponytail Softball league have been busy taking part in competition.

With victories and division championships at stake, the athletes worked hard to better themselves, and their teams.

However, Saturday at Olive Park, the players were able to relax a little and have some fun, as they celebrated the ending of another successful season with the annual Ponytail Softball Jamboree, sponsored by the Foothill Civitan Club.

Like their Hap Minor Baseball counterparts the week before, the softball players invaded the park for their traditional skills

competition, food, refreshments.

The day began with a parade to Olive Park for the annual skills competition and awards ceremony. In

the skills competition, players took part in four events—hitting for distance; throwing for accuracy; baserunning and throwing for distance—and won awards for their accomplishments.


The top three award winners from each division in the skills competition include:


BASERUNNING — 1. Orla Giffen (Fireflies); 2. Hana Savola (Hot Flames); 3. Briana Lewis (Johnson Diamond Girls). THROWING FOR ACCURACY — 1. Maddie Medina (Johnson Diamond Girls); 2. Riley York (Trabilcy Diamond Divas); 3. Isabel Perez (Hot Flames). THROWING FOR DISTANCE — 1. Lindsey Gonzalez (Hot Flames); 2. Orla Giffen (Fireflies); 3. Shelby Pierce (Trabilcy Diamond Divas). HITTING FOR DISTANCE — 1. Shelby Pierce (Trabilcy Diamond Divas); 2. Lillyana Travieso (Fireflies); 3. Lydia Grote (Fireflies).


BASERUNNING — 1. Maisy Green (Cubbies); 2. Lindsey Miller (Orozco Wildcats); 3. Memorie Munose (Orozco Wildcats). THROWING FOR ACCURACY — 1. Jasmine Castro (Cubbies); 2. Kylie Gagnon (Cubbies); 3. Isabella Orozco (Orozco Wildcats). THROWING FOR DISTANCE — 1. Sabrina Englebrecht (Orozco Wildcats); 2. Daniella Gray (Orozco Wildcats); 3. Tess Tiger (Cubbies). HITTING FOR DISTANCE — 1. Tess Tiger (Cubbies); 2. Isabella Orozco (Orozco Wildcats); 3. Sydney Martin (Pink Ladies).


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