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Bureaucrats' fears equal support for Gatto

October 26, 2010

I read with interest your article on Assemblyman Mike Gatto's hearing in Glendale on pension reform ("Lawmakers talk pension reform following the Bell scandal," Oct. 21).

It was abundantly clear that bureaucrats (whose interests align with the status quo) fear Gatto's reforms. Is that not reason enough to support him?

Mary Ann Healy


We need extradition treaty with Armenia

Regarding the Oct. 14 story "FBI raid nets 15 accused in $100M Medicare case":

It was reported on the same day that this story was published in the Burbank Leader that Mexican authorities had turned over suspected Valley Village bride-to-be killer Omar Armando Loera to Los Angeles Police Department detectives. That's worthy of special note, because, despite Armenia's recently reported offer to help U.S. authorities investigate the Medicare scam, if Loera had been detained in Russia and/or Armenia he might not have been so similarly handed over. That's because the U.S. does not have an extradition or rendition treaty with either of those two countries.


How long must this bilateral lack of a formal extradition treaty, between the U.S. and Armenia in particular, go on this way? In contrast, we currently do have an extradition treaty with Mexico, as well as with India and many other nations.

Harvey Pearson

Los Feliz

Easy decisions on election day

I'm really pleased with the easy decisions for our major California election choices.

Yes for Jerry Brown — articulate, intelligent, experienced and independent, beholden to nothing but what is right for our state and our people. Some have unbelievably argued on this page against Brown because he appointed Rose Bird to the state Supreme Court decades ago. This is absurd.

She was removed from office in 1986 because she was opposed to the death penalty. Good for her. I am forever baffled over the hypocrisy of those who oppose embryonic stem cell research that has the potential for curing disease and disability yet often have no qualms about killing adult human beings by execution.

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