December 25, 2010
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Burbank author visits Burroughs High School

Christina Moss, author of a series of science fiction books and longtime resident of Burbank, recently visited John Burroughs High School where she talked to students about creative writing and signed books for students.

"It was really an honor to visit Burroughs High," Moss said. "Not only does the main character of my series reside in Burbank, she and her best friend, Nicole, are students at the local high schools so it was a real pleasure to visit one of the locations I'm writing about."

Her ongoing series of novels ("Intwine" being the first) is told from the viewpoint of fictitious teenager, Juliette Greenmoss, a senior student of John Burroughs High School. Juliette's father is a Burbank firefighter and her best friend attends Burbank High School.

The "Intwine" saga is the story of how Juliette's life is flipped upside-down when she falls in love with an interstellar rock-star prince named Seth.


Residents will notice familiar Burbank locations in Moss's stories.

"Intwine" was published in June through Adamantine Publishing House. The second in the series, "Insight", was published in October and the third, "Incircle" is due out in January. All of Moss's books are available through her website,

Charity League begins member drive

National Charity League's local membership drive is off to a fast start this year. NCL Burbank launched its annual push to recruit new mother-daughter teams for the community service-oriented group, and already five sets of moms and girls have signed up, according to Laurie Harmon, co-chairwoman of this year's effort.

Harmon says she hopes to recruit at least 20 mom-girl teams in the drive that runs until Feb. 28. New members of NCL — moms are called "Patronesses" and daughters "Ticktockers" — will be inducted into NCL at the group's annual Membership Tea, slated for April 17.

Anyone interested in joining this organization, in which women and their sixth through 12th-grade daughters participate in a variety of social and public service activities, should call Harmon at (818) 848-1773.

Members of NCL's Burbank Chapter have the opportunity to do hands-on work with a number of local philanthropies, including Burbank Community Kids Dental Clinic, BCR "a place to grow," Burbank Temporary Aid Center and many others.

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