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Thoughts from the Bull Pen: Predictions for the coming year

December 29, 2010

Gone today, here tomorrow.

Yes, that's right, it's the end of the year. While most news organizations come up with some kind of a "look back" at 2010 (do we really want to read the same news again?), or a top 10 list (usually made up of movies that you have never heard of by a reviewer who would not haveseen those movies if he had to pay to see them like you and me), I thought it would be interesting to predict the future.

I came up with a few and met up with my friend, Stan Lynch, the other night at Coral Café who also came up with a few. He mostly had the fun ones while I went a little more serious.


Schools: Ground will finally be broken on the new stadium at Memorial Field. I know, not going out on much of a limb here since I have already received the Jan.10 invitation.

To raise money for teachers and keep extracurricular programs, the district will solicit naming rights from corporations. Soon to be announced will be Buffalo Wild Wing's Burroughs High, the Kmart playground at Miller Elementary and after long negotiations, Walt Disney Elementary School presented by Pixar.

Transportation: Disney will step up and announce they are using their technology to create a monorail that will link downtown Burbank, the Burbank and Universal Metrolink stations, NBC, Disney, Warner Bros., Universal City Walk and the Bob Hope Airport.

Instead of approving the Part 161 Study, the Air Force will install a giant bungee cord catapult into Bob Hope Airport that will launch jet aircraft up to 10,000 feet high before they must engage their engines.

Politics: Gary Bric will win re-election to the City Council, receiving 60% of the vote on the first ballot with Robert Frutos winning the run-off in a very close vote. All three school board members will also be re-elected.

Councilman David Gordon will finally be appointed vice-mayor after being passed over in previous years. Jess Talamantes will assume the mayoral duties and will do a superb job in presiding over the city's centennial celebration in July.

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