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City attorney talks about his tenure

January 22, 2011|By Gretchen Meier,

Dennis Barlow, who has been Burbank's city attorney for 14 years, announced plans this week to step down in September. Before his arrival in Burbank, he worked as senior assistant city attorney in San Bernardino and in the county counsel's office in Yuba and Kern counties. Barlow says he only recently decided to step down, despite wishing he could stay to tie up loose ends.

GRETCHEN MEIER: What brought you to Burbank initially?

DENNIS BARLOW: Well, it was a good career opportunity, obviously. I grew up in Glendale, and it was nice to come back to where I grew up. You always look to move up professionally in your career, and as a senior assistant this was the next logical step.

Q: What has kept you here, then, for 14 years?

A: I like Burbank a lot. It's a great city to live and work in. I've really enjoyed the people, the community and the city councils I've worked with.


Q: When we met, you said you would end your career in Burbank. Why now?

A: I got to thinking about it last year when I had a [minor] heart attack. I have two more grandkids on the way and I thought, you know, maybe I should slow down and watch my health. Nothing special as to why. I'm just getting older, and my kids keep reminding me all the time. I have 10 children and 18 grandchildren, and I would like to see more of them. I have six married children in six different states — none in California.

Q: What were the greatest challenges you've faced here in Burbank?

A: We've struggled with the Bob Hope Airport the whole time I've been here. The relationship has improved, and we're working things out. I kept thinking that I haven't accomplished everything I want to do and maybe I'll stay to see things though. It's been 14 years though, and you're never finished with everything.

Q: What else would you like to have seen finished?

A: Obviously it would be nice to have everything wrapped up in a nice bow, but that's not going to happen. We've got a bit longer with [Burbank Police Department] litigation, and I would like to see the city in better financial shape. Compared to a lot of other cities though, we're doing great.

Q: Would you say criticism of your office has been high as of late, or does it come in cycles?

A: I would say there's always criticism generally because of the nature of law. An attorney will say that this is a lot, and people will say what you want the law to be. I understand that.

Q: What about internal problems between city departments?

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