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School board candidate Gregory Bragg

January 29, 2011

Bragg was raised in Eagle Rock and moved to Burbank in 1998 when he married his wife, Holly Roy, a Burbank native. He is the father of three children, who attend Burbank schools. Bragg has been involved in numerous service organizations and groups, including the parent teachers association, SELPA, Parks and Recreation, AYSO and the Burbank Traffic Commission.

Bragg ran unsuccessfully for Burbank Unified school board in 2009.

Why are you running for school board?

I am running for a seat on the Board of Education for many reasons. As the only candidate with children currently attending Burbank schools, I have a vested interest in district direction and success. As a parent, I have watched as our district has stumbled without a clear direction and plan. We should be concentrating on the future of this district, not reflecting on how great things once were. The incumbents do not have a plan for the future, and I do.


What is the district doing well?

There are many great things about Burbank Unified. We have a very loyal staff, parents and community at our core. This strength is exactly what will help lead us out of trouble. Test scores in our district have risen steadily over the years. These results speak directly to the strength of our teachers and staff. We are very fortunate to have a community that understands the importance of our schools being strong. Time and again the Burbank community has come to the aid of our district to support district programs.

What does the district need to improve upon?

We can and must do more to reach our parents. Parental involvement is the key to student success. As a PTA president and parent, I have seen firsthand the success stories resulting from involved parents, as well as the failures due to the lack of that same parental involvement. I believe that in many cases, increased parental involvement is as simple as education. We need to reach out to our parents, educate them on how they can help and hold them accountable for their student's academic career.

As a member of the school board, I will hold regular town-hall-style meetings so that our parents, community organizations and public have an opportunity to communicate in an informal setting with our board and senior administration.

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