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Gordon deserves to be mayor

February 18, 2011

Isn’t it about time the people of Burbank had a say in who our mayor will be?

If ever a time in our history screamed out to change the system, it is now, considering what we have to look forward to in 2011.

Once again some of the vindictive City Council members, when not bickering like little children, will play their little game and overlook the most vilified person on the council, and one of Councilman Dave Golonski’s lambs will be appointed mayor. What a travesty!


If it takes signatures on a petition to change this farce, I’m willing to walk the streets.

God bless you, Councilman David Gordon, we love you, and hope soon one day true justice will prevail in Burbank.

Steve Urbanovich


City needs to protect its programs

The city of Burbank has always been blessed with a variety of programs that help develop the holistic health of young people throughout our community.

We have, in a sense, created a social safety net for our young people here in this city. Our programs have become the model for the region and have enabled our city to produce some of the most healthy and well-prepared young people in the state.

Recently, however, this very intricate safety net has come under attack. The school district, in an attempt to identify needed cost savings, closed the Outreach Center, which served as a youth crisis hub, forcing overloaded school administrators, teachers, classified employees and nonprofits to take on more work.

Now the city’s management is taking another whack at the safety net by letting go of as many youth programs as possible.

Next on the chopping block: funding for the Mayor’s Youth Task Force, which sustains the most basic program for young people, our school-based counseling programs. Simply put, the on-campus school-based programs, provided by the Family Service Agency of Burbank, is saving lives. Any action or request to defund this program is a clear indication of an elected or appointed leader’s inability to represent the whole community’s interests. It is that serious; it is that essential.

Join me in sending a message of support for the programs that are keeping our young people healthy by calling the City Council office at (818) 238-5750, or e-mailing them at

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