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I-5 project to roil traffic through city

Bridge over Burbank Boulevard will be closed for more than a year.

March 18, 2011|By Gretchen Meier,

Caltrans expects to begin construction on the Empire Interchange later this year, but city officials said they were unsure of the project’s exact timeline due to the need to build a temporary railroad crossing while the existing street-level crossing is eliminated.

Demolishing the Burbank Boulevard bridge will partially cut off access to the downtown area. Vehicles traveling northbound on the I-5 will only be able to turn right to reach the Burbank Town Center and vehicles traveling southbound will only have the option of turning right toward Costco and the Empire Center.

While the $700-million project is funded by Caltrans, Kriske said he expects additional expenses for the city to ensure detours are clearly marked, as well as any landscaping the City Council may desire.


Councilman Dave Golonski requested additional community outreach to educate the public about the phasing in of the project and possible detours.

No one from the public addressed the project at the City Council meeting on Tuesday.

“There is no way you can undertake this project without major disruption,” he said.

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