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What Burbank doesn't need

April 14, 2011

Apparently, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 18 Water took up the cause to warn Burbank voters of a possible special-interest politician running for City Council (“Union spends big to aid candidate,” April 9).

According to this contrived piece of swill, Emily Gabel-Luddy's campaign was financed by L.A.'s biggest lobbyists. The flier’s mascot, a well-dressed hog, encouraged readers to see for ourselves by reviewing Gabel-Luddy's campaign disclosure statements.

As a concerned voter, I went to the site and read for myself the damaging evidence. There in black and white were the glaring contributions that clearly outlined the “buy-off.” Apparently, Gabel-Luddy could be bought off by several individual contributions each at the astronomical figure of $250.


The flier went on to say, “That's not what Burbank needs.”

As a Burbank citizen of 57 years, I can tell you what Burbank doesn't need. We don't need another special-interest group spewing propaganda that is clearly a vendetta against one of our candidates. This is ridiculous and demeaning to intelligent voters.

Several years ago, I supported my neighbor who was addressing the city Planning Board with an issue concerning the pending move of an educational facility in our residential neighborhood. Gabel-Luddy was attentive, asked questions, listened to our concerns and, along with the other members of the Planning Board, made a decision that satisfied both the school and the residents. That is the City Council member I want in chambers guiding our city to sensible growth and insuring that the quality of life we covet here in Burbank is maintained and protected.

I had already sent in my ballot before this flier arrived in my mail box.

I stand by my vote.

Heidi Hirsch


Counting on voter apathy

I've read with interest the recent editorials and articles in the Burbank Leader regarding the candidates for City Council election.

In a recent editorial about the lack of candidate forums in this election cycle (“Schedule more candidate forums,” March 26), does it really come as a surprise to anybody that the powers that be within city government would try to avoid a meaningful interchange between the candidates?

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