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Most disagree with school's decision

April 26, 2011

It's been more than a week since news surfaced about a scandal involving the Burroughs High baseball team — underage drinking and alcohol served by an Indians' assistant coach.

The school fired the varsity baseball coach and three assistants and canceled the remainder of the season after discovering an assistant coach served players beer during a recent tournament trip to Arizona.

Indians Coach J.R. Schwer and the assistants, who were all at the mid-March tournament, were fired April 18. The coach, who said he learned about the incident just three days before he was let go, acknowledged that a large number of players were served alcohol by an assistant coach.


Burroughs Principal Emilio Urioste confirmed that 11 players who drank were suspended five days. They were scheduled to be back at school Monday. Seven athletes who were aware of the incident but failed to come forward were given two-day suspensions, the principal said.

There was also a Burroughs administrator who was present on the trip. That administrator is still at the school.

The Indians had nine games left on their schedule when their season was cancelled last week. The team was tied for third place in the Pacific League and was likely headed to the playoffs.

Since I broke the story, I have received a glut of e-mails and phone calls from individuals who feel the need to comment on the story. A large number of readers were upset with the school's decision to fire the head coach. An equal number don't believe the seven athletes who decided not to drink were reprimanded, and most feel the season should not have been cut short.

Many of the readers make valid points, and their voices need to be heard. Because most of the individuals want to remain anonymous, I am not including their names.

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