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Burbank's cash priorities are out of whack

July 29, 2011

We are very concerned about what is going on in Burbank lately.

These bonus payments since 2007 totaled $4 million to hundreds of city employees, and they will continue to be eligible because payouts are written into their contracts.

This needs to be stopped by changing city employee contracts as soon as possible. They stopped the payments in Glendale, and must do so in Burbank


At least city employees do not need to take pay cuts or absorb furlough days like so many of our teachers. If this makes city employees unhappy, so be it. There are so many good people out of work who would love their jobs.

DeBell Golf Club is our next issue. City officials already gave them a $1-million loan, which apparently didn’t help, and now they’ve approved a $2-million bailout package (“City approves loan package to cash-strapped DeBell Golf Course,” June 9)? What are they thinking? This is taxpayer money. Are they working for us or for themselves?

Library upgrades have been put off, fire services reduced. And fees and rates are being raised.

Let’s get real with these issues, and others that come up, or we will need to replace our City Council members soon.

Marilyn Russo


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