Amazing Anding

Burroughs senior has broken the school's single-game rushing record and is just 118 yards away from eclipsing the season mark, while Indians storm toward league title

October 26, 2011|By Jeff Tully,
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When Burroughs High football players and coaches talk about Zander Anding, something that is always brought up is the dedication and hard work the senior running back puts in.

But a quip from Indians quarterback Eli Peppmuller best illustrates Anding's unrelenting drive this season.

"We actually had a team meeting and we were talking about a bunch of stuff. We were trying to figure what we can do to get better, and Zander's solution was that we need to condition more," Peppmuller said. "He already puts in a tremendous amount of work, and he wanted to work even more. He is definitely one of the hardest workers I've been around. Whatever he needs to do to get better, he'll do it."

Burroughs head Coach Keith Knoop said Anding hasn't always been as dedicated as he has been this season. In fact, in his first two years in the program, football seemed to be an afterthought for him.


"He was into skateboards and BMX bike riding, motorcycle riding and doing all that stuff," said Knoop, who is in his 15th year. "He just had a lot going on that was kind of occupying him. That was part of it. But he was also always coming late to practices or missing Mondays. I don't think he started one JV game because he was always being disciplined."

Knoop said Anding's grades also began to slip during his freshman and sophomore seasons.

However, the summer before Anding's junior year in 2010, Knoop said he saw a remarkable turnaround.

"When he got to varsity, he quickly realized that if he wanted to be a part of this, his commitment level was going to have to be much, much different," Knoop said. "And he has made a very big change. I don't think he's ever missed anything for us this year. He's never late, he goes 100% every day in practices and in the weight room and he has just worked so hard to become better at everything."

Anding, a 6-foot-1, 175-pound speedster who is breaking records and cementing himself as one of the most successful players in the history of a program that has a rich football tradition, said he has made a concerted effort to change his approach to all that he does.

Motivated by the possibility of playing in college and helping the Indians drive toward a Pacific League championship, Anding is dedicated to succeed.

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