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Realtors, Fire Department at odds over roof law

Flammability of wood shake means city should stick to law, officials say.

February 17, 2012|By Maria Hsin,

Roofs were examined to see if they had been roofed-over, which would be a violation as of August, Krakowski said.

“We used that as a sampling, we had to start somewhere,” Krakowski said. “The significant majority changed their roofs. The scope of the problem is much smaller than we anticipated.”

About 120 homes have exposed wood roofs and about 300 homes have roof-overs that should be changed, Krakowski said.

But Krakowski cautioned that those figures could change because there are homes with illegal roof-overs, and he cautioned about getting into a numbers game.


“That’s the problem with why the numbers don’t always jibe,” he said. “If there are about 420 affected homes, there may be another 400 that are illegal.”

The City Attorney’s office said a homeowner would receive up to three notices before being found to be not in compliance.

And at the time of a sale or when a home is refinanced, the roof would have to be changed, Krakowski said.

While it is possible for a tax lien to be issued on a property for not being in compliance, Krakowski said it was not likely.

“The city of Burbank does not want to get into the roofing business and we’re not anticipating a need for a lien,” he said.

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