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Officer's suit claims he was fired over discrimination, sexual harassment concerns

Ex-deputy police chief's case is the first of several scheduled to hit the courtroom.

March 06, 2012|By Maria Hsin,

Ramos testified that she spoke with Flad about discrimination in the department after the allegations were brought to her attention, and that Taylor wanted to speak with him on the issue as well.

Corina Tina Gunn — wife of Sgt. Neil Gunn Sr., who committed suicide a week after he was interviewed by an outside investigator hired by the city about the bakery robbery and internal police investigation — said that day was her last working for the city as an executive assistant in the the city manager’s office.

She testified that Flad said he wasn’t sure why Taylor was “crying” about being demoted because he still had his job.


Flad had said Taylor was upset because he felt he was being demoted, even though that's not how Flad saw it.

Linda Savitt, one of the attorneys for the city, noted that Neil Gunn was moved from the Special Enforcement Detail to patrol.

She added that Corina Tina Gunn had filed a claim in state or federal court — a precursor to a possible lawsuit against an agency based on allegations of wrongdoing.

Corina Tina Gunn stressed in court that her husband had been named Officer of the Year and was a “good man.”

“All of a sudden he’s a bad guy because he spoke up,” she said, her voice cracking.

When Savitt asked if her husband had any concerns about going to prison, Corina Tina Gunn replied: “Absolutely not.”

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