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Jury awards former deputy police chief $1.3M

Verdict sides with claims that Police Department fired William Taylor for refusing to terminate minority officers.

March 20, 2012|By Maria Hsin,

“It makes Bill [Taylor] a much more credible witness,” Smith said. “It’s a big problem for the city.”

Burbank City Atty. Amy Albano said in an interview that she believed “all witnesses testified truthfully” when they told the court they knew nothing of Taylor’s concerns about attempted minority firings.

Under a fair employment claim Taylor has filed, Smith said they would push to have Taylor reinstated as deputy chief.

If that is not successful, Smith wants the city to allow Taylor to retire honorably and return his badge.

The court can order the city to issue a retirement badge that says deputy chief, Smith said, along with a permit to carry a concealed weapon, which is given to all honorably retired officers.


It’s an effort that will likely face an uphill battle.

“My immediate reaction is that Taylor sued for money damages and that’s what he was awarded,” Albano said of any possible reinstatement.

The city has 30 days to file a motion for a new trial, or 60 days to appeal.

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