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Rancho residents say 'oui' to French prep school

Now the Burbank City Council must approve Lycée's request to operate on former GM site.

March 23, 2012|By Maria Hsin,

Jean Schanberger, a 15-year resident who stables a horse at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center, compared the new approach to “apples and oranges.”

“It’s really nice to see how hard the school has worked to understand the neighborhood,” Schanberger said in a phone interview Friday.

Others agreed.

“It seems like everybody is in favor. I didn’t see anybody that didn’t put a hand up when they were asked who was in favor [of the school],” said Roy Simison, whose property abuts the GM site.


He called LILA officials “very accommodating” and willing to work with the neighborhood if any problem arises.

Tom Zanic, senior vice president of New Urban West, said Friday that the property is in escrow and due to close the first week of June.

The school plans to apply for their administrative use permit to operate as a school on the site, Zanic said.

“If they do so, we will take our application off the table to allow them to do that,” he said. If for some reason the escrow doesn’t go through, “we will proceed with our revised application for 50 homes.”

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