Burb's Eye View: The taste of happiness, of unfettered glee

May 01, 2012|By Bryan Mahoney

This is the first in a two-part series.

I have returned from the most epic, delicious, salt-infused expedition of a lifetime. It was the most glorious tour one can take of this fair city. Should you choose to take the journey yourself, I shall volunteer to steer the course.

The grandest journey starts with a single step. Mine began a few weeks ago when I ran into Danger Sandwich.

He is Jack Swiker, a fellow enthusiast for just about any concoction you can cram between two slabs of crust. At his weekly blog,, Swiker takes his readers to sandwich joints around L.A.


I asked if he could recommend any places in Burbank, and before I knew it, we were in my Mirthmobile cruising the best that Burbank’s delis have to offer.

Like mayonnaise scraped over a Kaiser roll, we spread out. We had to — Danger Sandwich and I learned the hard way that most of the mom-and-pop delis in Burbank aren’t open on the weekends.

Luckily, Moore’s Delicatessen was. Situated at Third Street and Orange Grove, its proximity to Cartoon Network makes it a favorite hangout of artists who have staked their claim on the walls of the back room. There, characters from just about every animated series produced in Burbank form a mural welcoming diners to their seats.

We tried the City Hall, Moore’s version of a Reuben. You have to ask for it grilled, but you’ll be happy you did. The light cole slaw on the sandwich lends a satisfying crunch, while the pickle from A1 Eastern Pickle Company in L.A. was a nice treat on the side. You can’t beat a free side of potato salad, either.

The meat itself was slightly salty and a bit dry, but tender and not overpowering. Danger Sandwich told me it’s hard to do cold pastrami because when the fat congeals from cooling, it can sometimes add a too-chewy texture. No such problems were found in the City Hall.

We learned that nearly every place in Burbank serving pastrami will say it has the best pastrami. Such a claim was made at Burbank Deli & Market.

For two East Coast natives, this shop was a welcome taste of home. No frills, no big sandwich production line. Just a guy behind a counter ready to make you whatever you want.

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