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Suit aims to stop Walmart from setting up Burbank shop

Action says required upgrades to surrounding streets haven't been made.

May 08, 2012|By Mark Kellam,

But Herrmann has said in the past that since a Walmart is considered a big-box store, which is allowed in the location, another study isn't needed.

A traffic engineer and urban planner, both retained by Kracov, submitted comments to the city prior to the permits to Walmart, according to the lawsuit.

Both experts stated that when the original environmental impact report was drafted, it looked at the Empire Center with a Great Indoors in the 142,000-square-foot building, not a Walmart.


A mega-retailer will generate much more traffic than a furniture store, the traffic engineer concluded, so another review should be conducted.

Walmart spokeswoman Rachel Wall said the legal action represents the interests of a minority in the community.

“This lawsuit is another attempt by a small number of individuals associated with special interest groups that want to stall access to affordable prices and economic opportunities, including new jobs and additional tax revenue,” Wall said in a statement.

“We know the community of Burbank wants and needs this project, as demonstrated by the hundreds of residents who turned out for the open house last fall, the countless number of supportive letters to the editor, and ongoing dialogue with residents excited about the new job opportunities,” she added. “We will continue to work with the community and look forward to serving customers soon.”

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