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The Crosby Chronicles: Burbank Unified's bulging parent packet

August 08, 2012|By Brian Crosby
  • Burbank Unified's mountain of paperwork "is a shameful waste."
Burbank Unified's mountain of paperwork "is… (Brian Crosby )

I’m so glad the Burbank Unified School District gives parents the opportunity to pick up all necessary forms before school starts. The so-called parent packet used to be given out the first day of school with only one night to complete the exhaustive paperwork. Actually “exhaustive" doesn’t begin to describe what’s in the envelope.

Here is a list of what we received in our son’s elementary school packet:

•     Parent Check Sheet

•     Student Identification and Emergency Information Cards (2 of them)

•     School Parent and Student Handbook (20 pages)

•     Annual Notifications to Parents/Guardians (98 pages; 50 in Spanish)

•     Library contract form

•     PTA flyer

•     PTA volunteer form

•     PTA envelope

•     PTA and Booster association pamphlet with attached PTA envelope and booster association envelope

•     Free and Reduced-Price Meals form

•     Accelerated reader form


•     EScrip flyer

•     School directory flyer

•     School Volunteer form

•     School calendar front and back

•     Student accident insurance brochure

•     Student accident insurance flyer

•     Advertising flyer (2 pages)

•     Community discount card flyer

•     Parent involvement challenge participation card

•     Parent information evening flyer (3 pages)

•     After school hip hop dance program flyer

•     After school circus class flyer

•     Spanish Enrichment flyer

•     Armenian Language flyer (2 of them)

•     Mad Science flyer

•     Instructional Music flyer

•     Emergency flyer

•     Food Truck flyer

That’s a total of 31 separate handouts.

This is a shameful waste of money and paper at a time when Burbank school children are getting days of instruction cut. Isn’t anyone at BUSD chagrined at how this appears?

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