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At Burbank elementary school, students pick their sides in USC v. UCLA

November 20, 2012
(Tim Berger/Staff…)

McKinley Elementary students on Monday competed against each other as either USC or UCLA patriots during the school’s annual Rivalry Day, capping a month college-related activities.

At the start of November, students wore logos of any college they chose and made pennants of the campuses they want to attend.

This week, fifth-graders will visit UCLA on a field trip.

By the end of the year, McKinley administrators will award a college scholarship to a John Burroughs senior who attended the elementary school.

“If children start thinking about going to college in elementary school, they see it as a reality — as something they can actually do,” said parent Jenny Harris.

The college-bound student will then return to McKinley to accept the award and tell current elementary students about their college plans.


-- Kelly Corrigan, Times Community News

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