Dave Golonski's cultural timeline

March 22, 2013

January 1993: Bill Clinton was inaugurated as the 42nd president of the United States.

April 1993: Dave Golonski is elected to the Burbank City Council during the city’s general election. At 34 years old, he receives 5,833 votes out of 9,961 cast.

September 1994: Acclaimed sitcom, “Friends,” debuts on NBC, kicking off its 10-year run.

October 1995: After a long, heavily publicized trial, former football star OJ Simpson is acquitted of killing his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman.


February 1997: Dave Golonski is re-elected during Burbank’s primary election, having received 6,069 out of 9,153 ballots cast.

June 1997: The first Harry Potter novel, written by J.K. Rowling, is released, launching the seven-book series.

January 1998: News breaks of the Monica Lewinsky sex scandal.

April 2001: Golonski is re-elected during the general election with 5,733 out of 11,165 votes.

September 2001: Nearly 3,000 people are killed in the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

February 2004: Mark Zuckerberg launches Facebook.

April 2005: Golonski is re-elected during the general election with 5,429 votes.

August 2005: Hurricane Katrina strikes the Gulf Coast.

June 2007: Apple releases the first iPhone.

November 2008: Barack Obama is elected president of the United States.

April 2009: Golonski is re-elected during the general election, with 5,711 out of 11,889 votes.

June 2009: Michael Jackson, the “King of Pop,” dies.

April 2011: Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and Kate Middleton tie the knot.

August 2012: The NASA rover Curiosity lands on Mars.

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