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Candidates remain in high gear

Fundraising continues as April 9 election draws closer.

March 30, 2013|By Alene Tchekmedyian and Kelly Corrigan

The city has received roughly 4,000 ballots for the April 9 election since they were mailed out about two weeks ago, but candidates are still in campaign mode, continuing to expand their war chests in the final weeks before the election, recent filings show.

The four vying for two seats on the Burbank City Council have collectively raised $17,738 for the most recent filing period, which covers roughly the last month, according to expenditure reports filed with the city clerk.

Incumbent Dave Golonski is leading the fundraising efforts, having amassed $7,100 — which includes $2,000 he lent his campaign — from roughly 45 contributors. All but three list Burbank addresses.


"We're working really hard," Golonski said Friday. "Our goal to get our message to as many people as possible, and get them to vote."

Former Burbank City Manager Bud Ovrom this period contributed $100 to Golonski, as well as $100 to incumbent Jess Talamantes.

Incumbent David Gordon raised $4,669 this period from 31 sources, 24 of whom have Burbank addresses, raising his total to $16,204. That includes $3,000 he lent his campaign.

Among Gordon's contributors are Shavarsh Odadjian — bassist of the musical group System of a Down — who donated $150, and Councilman-elect Bob Frutos, who donated $200.

The California Real Estate PAC threw $450 into the race, donating $200 to Gordon and another $250 to Talamantes.

Challenger David Nos raised $3,185 this period from about 16 contributors, raising his total to $7,088. All but two of his contributors list Burbank addresses.

"I feel pretty good — I'm definitely in contention," Nos said Friday.

This period, Nos spent $2,102 on advertising, campaign signs and fundraisers, reports show.

Trailing behind in contributions this period is Talamantes, though including contributions amassed during the primary, his totals parallel those of the other two incumbents.

Talamantes raised $2,784 from roughly 13 sources this period, raising his total to $15,057 — which includes $2,910 he lent his campaign. His contributors include former Councilwoman Mary Lou Howard and the Burbank Management Assn., which donated $250 each.

He spent $844 this period, mostly on candidate filing fees.

Meanwhile, the union-sponsored committee formed in an effort to unseat Talamantes spent $6,397 on campaign literature, voter data and postage this period, but hasn't raised any additional funds, records show.

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