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Men arrested in Burbank Sears for allegedly stealing women's clothes

April 16, 2013
  • ARCHIVE PHOTO: Customers wait for Sears to open at the Burbank Town Center early in November 2007.
ARCHIVE PHOTO: Customers wait for Sears to open at the… (File Photo )

Two Arleta men were arrested Saturday after they allegedly stole women’s clothing from Sears in Burbank and returned to the store, police said.

The men -- Richard Munje, 46, and Paul Rey, 30 -- reportedly stuffed a yellow plastic bag with women’s shorts, pants and a denim top, and left the store to place the bag in their Buick sedan, said Burbank Police Sgt. Darin Ryburn.

The pair then returned to the store -- located at 111 East Magnolia Blvd. -- just before 8 p.m., where they were contacted by police in the lingerie department.

All the alleged stolen items were recovered, Ryburn said.

-- Alene Tchekmedyian,

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