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Burbank utility ups the rebate ante for energy efficient appliances

July 10, 2013

Burbank Water and Power is boosting incentives for residents who purchase certain energy-efficient home appliances.

As the weather heats up, the utility is offering higher rebates for customers who buy more efficient air conditioning units, pool pumps and “smart” thermostats, officials announced this week.

The size of the rebate for purchasing energy-efficient air conditioners depends on the type or model.

“Energy efficiency is a lot less expensive than investing in and purchasing new energy,” said utility spokesman Joe Flores. “We would much rather invest in the homes of our customers.”


The combination of a “smart” thermostat — which can be digitally programmed and remote controlled — with an efficient cooling unit can lead to lower energy bills and “increased comfort in the home,” Jeanette Meyer, marketing manager for the utility, said in a statement.

For those looking to buy variable-speed pool pumps, the rebate has doubled to $200 if it’s purchased in Burbank, and $100 if outside of the city.

The incentives are meant to offset the cost of buying the more efficient — and expensive — appliances, Flores said.

“We pay that difference,” he said.

The utility gives thousands of customers roughly $500,000 a year in home appliance rebates, including for new refrigerators, laundry machines and dish washers, Flores said.

For more information on the rebate program, call the utility at (818) 238-3730.

-- Alene Tchekmedyian,

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