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In Theory: Reasons to give thanks

November 22, 2013

Q: Thanksgiving is around the corner. What's happened over the past year that you're grateful for?

The field of poppies that bloomed by surprise in our backyard last spring; the look on my 18-month-old granddaughter's face when she tasted a canned mandarin orange for the first time and discovered she could eat her favorite color; how often you can look up into the sky here and see hawks fly; those mechanical pencils you never have to sharpen; the way my husband's eyes so clearly express his inner child; the magnificent efficiency of;

Breakthroughs in learning, and plateaus too I guess, and for that matter all the ways that at my age I'm still learning so much every day about everything; and also the ways that pretty much anyone can be your teacher if you listen; and how you can look up absolutely anything on the Internet and find the answer;


A neighbor who plays loud music we happen to love; oh and Pandora, and family dance parties; and the way I get to sing songs with people every week as part of my job; and also just listening to breezes and rain patters and silence;

Grown-ups who still remember the name of every Crayola crayon in the box; those extra-large containers of blueberries from Trader Joe's; seeing the mountains every single day; Vroman's bookstore, and those laminated tags with staff recommendations, and going there and then going across the street to Target; 292 days of sun a year; moonlight on rocks, and stars, and the rustling peace of night; the way a bird can sit totally at ease on the tiniest twig at the tip of a branch;

How much more women can do now than they could 50 years ago; and how many men I know who are the primary cooks of the family; and the way you don't have to keep the challenges and truths of your life a secret anymore if you don't want to;

Poetry, oolong tea, comfortable shoes, beeswax candles, the “undo” button, fresh sheets, sliced bread of course, naps on the couch, heated car seats, walking, breathing …

And a bunch of other stuff too.

The Rev. Amy Pringle
St. George's Episcopal Church
La Cañada Flintridge


Several events this year make me grateful, with bad news along with the good however.

I rejoice that our country turned away from military intervention in Syria and that we haven't bombed Iran yet, but the war over Syria rages and spreads and the Middle East is a perilous mess.

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